Almost two months since my last post.  Not only does time fly, life really changes.  As I write this I am sitting on a futon with Tandy in front of a pellet stove.  This is the first night we needed to turn on any heat.

First cold night of fall
First cold night of fall

We have been in the new house for over a month now.  We are loving it.  The dogs have a bigger yard, Evelyn has a play house and swings and we have chickens.  This is so different from the old house.  We are closer to Carlisle and most of the things we do.  The house is new with lots of light switches and a grounded electrical system.  I know these things should not be exciting but after living in an old house so long they are truly exciting things.  I do miss the simplicity of the wood fireplace right now but the pellet stove will be cleaner and is thermostat controlled.

We have most of the everyday things unpacked and a lot of the house is set up and ready to go.  It will be some time before all out stuff is moved and the old house is sold but life is good.   I am using my drive time to listen to podcasts on permaculture and my head is full of ideas for thing I want to try with the land in the spring.  I am starting to put together a food forest plan that will block the view of the car lot on the next property and provide all kinds fun stuff to eat.  So far I have a basic plan in my head, a few sketches and lists of plants.  If all goes well we will be planting a lot of things either later this fall or in the spring.  I have also developed a desire to learn as much as possible about the American chestnut and find some chestnuts to plant.  I am considering a post dedicated to the American Chestnut in the future.

Hopefully I will now start to dedicate some time daily or at least weekly to establish this website and blog.


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