Field to Forest Experiment

It is said that a field is a forest waiting to happen.  Yesterday I cut the grass in what was the field and I left a a section at the far end of the property uncut.  This will be my Permaculture Zone 5 which is unmanaged land.  My plan is to not do anything with […]

Seed Video

I was working in the yard yesterday while Evelyn was collecting seeds from her favorite flowers.  She was collecting dandelion seeds in a sandwich bag. She was moving from seed ball to seed ball and filling filling her bag.  I asked if I could video her and ask a few questions.  She said “OK but I […]

Physics Lesson

I had a teaching moment with Evelyn today.  I wanted to see if I could move an old claw foot tub.  The tub was not moved very far but some good lessons were learned.  The tub probably weights between 250 and 350 pounds and we moved it a short distance with T-Post, piece of log […]

Initial Planting

I took a vacation day today because the forecast looked good.  It was a great day for November 4th.  I believe the high was in the 70s.  I was planting in shorts and  a T-Shirt.  I dug up plants at the old house and planted them on the Farmstead.  My main planting of the day […]

Facebook Page Created

Tonight I created a Facebook page for Thistle Dew Farmstead.  I not sure how to add the Facebook button to the website yet.  It is getting too late for me to keep looking into WordPress plugins to handle Facebook.  Soon I will be publishing the blog posts on the Facebook site.


We started packing to move.  Closing is scheduled for August 21st.  That is less than 3 weeks.  There is so much to do between now and then to have this move happen quickly.  We want to be sleeping in the new house on the 22nd.  We are moving so quickly because school starts on August […]

Loan papers are signed

Last night we signed the loan paper work.  The next step is to have a VA appraiser look at the house and approve the mortgage.  If all goes well we will close on August 21st and move in quickly for the start of the school year. In contrast to our current house the only thing […]

An Early Step

I spent the evening gathering financial paperwork for a Mortgage Company to buy a new house on 5 acres.  Although gathering paper is not an exciting task this is a major step on the way to having a farmstead.  Right now the property is a house with a lot of land.  It is our hope […]