I had a teaching moment with Evelyn today.  I wanted to see if I could move an old claw foot tub.  The tub was not moved very far but some good lessons were learned.  The tub probably weights between 250 and 350 pounds and we moved it a short distance with T-Post, piece of log and part of an old telephone pole.

I don’t know how much Evelyn will retain but she does know a T-Post can be used as a lever and a piece of log can be used as a fulcrum.  A lever is one of the six simple machines  identified by Renaissance scientists.  I don’t remember what grade I was in but I know it was high school physics when Mr. Underkoffler taught me about the six simple machines.  I don’t expect Evelyn to understand the math behind a lever and fulcrum but she does know that she can use a lever to lift something that too heavy to lift without a “machine”.

Tomorrow I will have her looking for levers in the world around her.

I will also have a Facebook post and YouTube video to go with this post.  I am still working on making better links to the blog.  I also just realized that I have no photos from tonight just video.  So this post will have no photos.

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