I took a vacation day today because the forecast looked good.  It was a great day for November 4th.  I believe the high was in the 70s.  I was planting in shorts and  a T-Shirt.  I dug up plants at the old house and planted them on the Farmstead.  My main planting of the day was garlic.  The soil in the garden future food forest) was great.  It was easy to turn a shovel full to plant garlic.  The area I chose for the garlic was tilled in years past.  The soil was very nice.  I saw a few earth worms and even found a millipede.

I planted the following today:

  • Oregano – Raised bed in front of the house
  • Ferns – 2 in front of the house, 2 by the stone bench by the creek
  • Lemon Balm – By the stone bench by the creek
  • Thornless Black Raspberry – By the stone bench by the creek
  • Catnip – By Evelyn’s playhouse
  • Garlic – All planted in the garden – in the future food forest
    • Uzbekistan – Mid-season
    • Siberian – Mid-season
    • Organic Polish Softneck – Mid-season
    • Premium Northern White –  Late-season
    • Chinese Pink – Very early season

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