Evelyn Planting Sun Chokes
Evelyn Planting Sunchokes

Today was a great day especially for the end of November.  Evelyn and I did a little planting.  I planted a current on the edge of the field next to what I am planing to turn into a chicken paddock.  After the current was planted we moved to tree line by the road and planted sunchokes.  I loosely turned some soil so Evelyn could plant the tubers.

Evelyn was planting and singing.  We had a lot of fun.  She would occasionally get distracted by a worm or a bug.  Pearl came out and we talked down to see the stream.  As we were approaching the woods a buck got up an moved through the woods to the rail trail and vanished into the trees.

While we were watching the deer Evelyn came walking up with a grass seed head in her mouth.  She said “Call me farmer Evelyn.”

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